Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's not me, it's you!

Dear GOP,

I think we may need some time apart, we haven't been getting along & you won't listen to what's important to us.

I know nobody gets along on every issue, but our values are really important to us. For instance, if we don't have money to spend we live within our budgets, whereas you believe because you have checks left you can keep spending. We can't go on this way anymore.

A trial separation may be necessary so you can see how lonely you will be without us. I dare say you will be powerless to exist without our support. You may think you don't need us now but I believe you will be at a complete loss by 2014 if you don't make things right with us & you'll come crying back later.

If you have a change of heart it's time for some significant changes in our relationship, you can let us know by having your actions reflect what matters to us. Until then, we'll act like ex's & we'll talk about you like a dog as ex's do.

Most sincerely,

The Tea Party