Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Circular firing squads or 1980 revisited?

Some thoughts as the 2016 elections begin:

In 1980 establishment Republicans hated Reagan & actively sought his defeat, 2016 is shaping up the same. The last few elections we've been so busy destroying each other the GOP's choice & frankly a RINO candidate has won nomination & the party consequently lost because the base couldn't support them and didn't...

So, do we do this with Cruz & Rand fans shooting at each other & killing both candidates chances before we begin or do we focus on getting a Conservative in the White House so America can be restored? I say the latter; I'll hammer establishment for being Democrat lite all day long but we can't hammer our own if we want to stem this Communist tide.

I believe with all my heart the time is right for the next Reaganesque President, especially against Obama's further left sister Hillary BUT we have to play big ball & not let establishment keep us in a circular firing squad this time. If not this may be our last chance & I surely don't say that lightly.

God Bless you all!

AaaaannnnddddD....Obama STILL Sucks!! ;)