Thursday, May 3, 2012

Julia and 3 possible REAL outcomes under liberal Socialism.

#1 Julia's Mom becomes pregnant. She is a liberal too so she either takes the morning after pill or has an abortion. Julia is never born!

#2 Julia is born to welfare, drops out of school, has 5 kids & raises them alone with no Dad because men don't stay with the baby Mama's. Julia spends her day watching Judge Judy til she dies at 50 of a stroke from the un-nutricious poor foods eats, a crappy socialized medical system & her lifestyle choices. Her children are doomed to the same fate because people rarely escape the welfare rolls and the pitiful welfare state cycle continues.

#3 Julia goes to public school that teaches her little, gets her diploma, then goes to the SBA & they give her money to start her business with no training. She has no business experience at all and her business as well as the tax dollars are quickly gone, failed. She goes on welfare and just like #2 she is then stuck in the sorry welfare system til she dies.

Poor Julia's family had no idea supporting Obama or Socialism would make life so sad and hard for so many generations just as her parents didn't in 1963 with the 'Great society'. If only so many unsuspecting people had not bought into their lies and bullshit.

The End (It doesn't have to be, vote Obama out!)