Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Primary night in Florida: Amazingly contentious lie filled attack sprees from both the top candidates at each other. More from one(simply because of money) than the other. The other two candidates really aren't players in this state. Florida is unique in it's population, extremely diverse, more moderate and wealthier than most.

Mitt has this hands down, no doubt. Hell, half the state is transplanted Yankees. I'm a transplanted to NC Connecticut Yankee so bite me if you don't like me saying the truth! As you know, I have little love for the Mitt-ster, but as I've always said Obama is first priority and I'll vote for my Rotti if it got the socialist out of our White House. But I digress. Newt and Mitt may be hurting themselves in the long run with these brutal sustained attacks. Florida is point wise big for Mitt and MSM WILL say that others should leave, yada, yada, but I don't see anybody folding their cards yet.

It's looking more like it's going to be a brokered convention, no one is leaving any time soon it seems. Maybe it would be the best thing that could happen seeing there are four very differing men and voting groups. My thoughts are if Mitt can't get sustained 50% poll numbers there could possibly be a 'surprise' nominee at the convention, read Daniels(as chosen by the RNC) methinks. His 'Rebuttal' sounded more like an audition to me.

I, like many of you are fairly unsatisfied with our choices but realize Obama HAS to go. This makes three things come to mind; One, that many of us just don't want Mitt. Two, that we will fight like hell for the one we are backing. And three, I really get the feeling that if a better genuinely awesome candidate came along we would still consider changing our votes. Not you Paul guys of course. I know you'd never change your vote, I just pray that you support who he asks you to when it is Obama time.

Sorry I've not written in a while but my goodness it's not easy to leave Twitter and my Patriot friends. We get into such totally great discussions, and of course swatting liberal drones, that time gets away from me. I've got a post I'm working on about restructuring our government that makes a lot of sense and cuts half the budget. I just have to bug out on you guys to finish it so I can post it on here. Ha!

God bless you all and prod me to write more than 140 characters more often, PLEASE!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Hampshire Primary

In a nutshell, who cares?

I love the state of New Hampshire, I lived there. Beautiful place, nice people. I even shook president Ford's hand there when he was running in 75', but it shouldn't hold the political value it currently does.

I've been saying on Twitter that Iowa and New Hampshire are not representative of Conservative voters. We know Romney, probably his mini-me Huntsman and Ron Paul will do well there. Unless you are a big fan of those 3 gentlemen, it's disappointing. If you are a big fan of them, then of course rock on!

See what I'm saying?
Let's head south where the Bible belt kicks in, then let's see who's catching fire.
It's a more moderate(Rino) path the current system offers, I'd rather start in the south.

Happy New Hampshire primaries! :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Iowa - short form

For all the hype and bluster, Iowa means little. New Hampshire less. Media wants us to think if your guy doesn't do well in those two, pack it up.

This is not your typical election. There is no clear leader. The chosen one can't get traction if the people don't want him. Iowa is fun because it is the first one, like opening day, important but it's a long season.

I don't care who you support, support them loudly. BUT, don't make war with the same people we are going to count on to beat Obama, our primary mission.

Obama is and will be Job #1 until we defeat him! Who defeats him is still very fluid.

Happy Iowa night!