Saturday, February 9, 2013

Things that need to be said.

Eleven score & seventeen years ago, our forefathers shared their cumulative knowledge & wrote an amazing document, second only to the Bible in it's foresight.

We are in the midst of no less than an attempted coup on our Constitution, Obama is circumventing it with a parallel government. He simply doesn't care about our rules of law, AT ALL.

Don't for a moment think Obama is some great dictator, he is an actor & a willing accessory in a grand play. He is bought & sold so many times I could write a book detailing it. Ultimately, the U.N. is the face of his intent, this 'We'd like to teach the world to sing', rah rah nonsense is a screen for world misery & a few with ultimate power. Those who can WILL support those who can't or won't. Sound familiar? Except we support ALL the won't's, world wide.

This is a world I can't imagine any productive country ever wanting. Keep up the good fight! Thanks as always for reading my rants & ramblings. ;)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Good for the goose, but not you!

The Democrat Party & it's 'messiah' Obama are hypocrites!

Redistribution of wealth: The lefts grand solution to 'equality', as long as it isn't theirs. These wealthy sheep believe Obama will miraculously not take all their money if they kiss his royal wannabe ass. Hollyweird I understand, they almost single-handedly support the field of psychiatry, but some of the worlds richest 'smartest' minds also support this self destructive Communist boondoggle? Highly illogical!

Gun Control: Beyond the obvious fact that these Liberals have armed bodyguards, Obama himself spoke of his enjoying skeet shooting. He's far from the only pro gun control lefty out there, many actors, etc. shoot as well. Take away their guns & bodyguards for a month & we'd hear them change their tunes in a hurry.

ObamaCare: This is so obvious, I'll simply ask how many of these hypocrites use our public health system?

Summarized: This is the Party of do as I say not as I do, the party of what's good for the goose is not good for the gander. Does this sound like an altruistic people when they seek their own power, own guns, own money & own healthcare but want we the people to be poor, govt controlled, gun controlled & be told by an uncaring bureaucratic healthcare panel whether your life has worth?

Now, if we can just get the duped dopes to see the TRUTH!