Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's not me, it's you!

Dear GOP,

I think we may need some time apart, we haven't been getting along & you won't listen to what's important to us.

I know nobody gets along on every issue, but our values are really important to us. For instance, if we don't have money to spend we live within our budgets, whereas you believe because you have checks left you can keep spending. We can't go on this way anymore.

A trial separation may be necessary so you can see how lonely you will be without us. I dare say you will be powerless to exist without our support. You may think you don't need us now but I believe you will be at a complete loss by 2014 if you don't make things right with us & you'll come crying back later.

If you have a change of heart it's time for some significant changes in our relationship, you can let us know by having your actions reflect what matters to us. Until then, we'll act like ex's & we'll talk about you like a dog as ex's do.

Most sincerely,

The Tea Party

Friday, October 5, 2012

Obama's & the ghosts...the unemployment lie!

The great magic Obama is performing with these bogus jobs numbers is in the writing off in massive quantities of workers from the rolls. When you don't collect unemployment, you become a ghost. Well, I'm one of those ghosts, so I can tell you what life is like now.

I was in the DC metro area for many moons, made a good living in over 2 decades, lastly in finance. I saw the crash coming and hightailed it to NC. Sold my beloved house before values went to hell & poof I was gone. I found a decent job & enjoyed the first year here in NC. At this time I had to stop working for nearly a year with necessary back fusion. When I started looking at employment again the jobs were GONE. It didn't take long til I started seeing 20 y.o.'s doing my job for 1/2 to 1/3 of what I made, so that got me to looking outside the box at stuff a 50+ guy could do. I'm now a PART TIME landlord for over 50 houses & have a small computer repair company. I look at my new adventures in self employed businesses as fun, but I don't come close to making the money I used to. As I said to the govt, I am a ghost except for a tax return.

My point is MANY Men & Women have stories like mine. Former professionals doing whatever they need to do to survive in a VERY changed world. They too have discovered kids coming out of college will work for a lot less & as we know money trumps experience in a BAD economy.

We can restore our country in many ways, but it will take decades to fix this mess. It can't happen with Obama at the helm, he is destroying our economy and fudging numbers to hide his failures. Come together America, Elect Mitt Romney & save our country!

We may be ghosts, but we do VOTE and we do have VOICES!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The human hand - My fave Alan Alda M*A*S*H scene

Look at your hand. It’s one of the most incredible instruments in the universe.
Of all the bones in the body, one fourth are in the hand.
Forget the hand. Look at your thumb; that wondrous mechanism that separates us from the other animals.
The world-famous opposable thumb, that amazing device,that has transported more students to college than the Boston post road.  Ideal for sucking, especially as a baby, and lauded in song and story as the perfect instrument for pulling out a plum.

Or, in the case of the Caesars, for holding it down for the gladiator to die, or holding it up, which means "See you later at the orgy."  My friends, for getting up and down the pike, in your pie, in your eye, I give you the thumb.

Have you any idea, Farmer Brown, of the incredible complexity of this piece of human apparatus?
Of course not. Never having spent any time at Sol and Sol’s swilling borscht and jamming Latin into your brain while trying to imagine if Lefty the waitress is wearing a garter belt, you have no idea of the balletic interplay of parts that make up the human thumb.

The flexor ossis metacarpi pollicis flexes the metacarpal bone, that is, draws it inward over the palm, thus producing the movement of opposition. And the Boy Scout salute.  Because of this magical engineering, we could do this. And this. And this.
But our greatest triumph comes not from flexing the metacarpal bone and making a fist,
which always seems to be thirsting to be clenched…No, no, no, no, no.
Our greatest moment is when we open our hand:

Cradling a glass of wine, cupping a loved one’s chin.  And the best…  the most expert of all…
keeping all the objects of our life in the air at the same time. [begins to juggle] My friends, for your amusement and bemusement, I give you the human person. Thumb and fingers flexing madly, straining to keep aloft the leaden realities of life:  ignorance, death and madness.  Thus we create for ourselves the illusion that we have power,that we are in control, that we are… loved"

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Twitter is heroin to a blog

I don't know about you but I get involved in time consuming conversations or topics oh so easily & I do it gladly. Blogging is different by not being character limited. I think I may have a Twee-problem.

Being the short attention span geek I am Twitter works. Zip here, zip there, but it's like Twee-crack or Twee-heroin. It's the first thing I do, after coffee of course, and the last thing I do at night. Maybe I need a Twee-chiatrist?

Granted, of course, I have valid reason with Obama sucking and all. But perhaps that's just another symptom of the Twee-addiction speaking.

Anyway, the point is If you want me to get focused on blogging more, give me a topic & a kick in the ass. Y'all know me, I get to ranting and well......Obamagottago! :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

P.S. Please look on the right for my store! I tried to include products that Patriots would use. Thanks as always my friends! :)
The day after Wisconsin:

Yesterday was a big day for the Tea Party. After being called everything but patriotic Americans for the last two years, Wisconsin Patriots made a huge statement that undoubtedly has Democrats crapping themselves today.

We were no fluke in 2010 & despite MSM's insistence that the Tea Party was dead & gone, thanks to a stunning defeat, they now know better.

Accusations of cheating, spending out of state money & lots of it are flying around like Obama's drones today. The truth is Liberals were beaten at their own game & they have no idea where to go from here or how to spin it.

Momentum is a beautiful thing and WE HAVE IT! Keep it going till the main event in November when we defeat the Marxist in chief & take our Republic back. I'll post another blog soon.

Patriots ROCK & Obama sucks! Life is good! :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Julia and 3 possible REAL outcomes under liberal Socialism.

#1 Julia's Mom becomes pregnant. She is a liberal too so she either takes the morning after pill or has an abortion. Julia is never born!

#2 Julia is born to welfare, drops out of school, has 5 kids & raises them alone with no Dad because men don't stay with the baby Mama's. Julia spends her day watching Judge Judy til she dies at 50 of a stroke from the un-nutricious poor foods eats, a crappy socialized medical system & her lifestyle choices. Her children are doomed to the same fate because people rarely escape the welfare rolls and the pitiful welfare state cycle continues.

#3 Julia goes to public school that teaches her little, gets her diploma, then goes to the SBA & they give her money to start her business with no training. She has no business experience at all and her business as well as the tax dollars are quickly gone, failed. She goes on welfare and just like #2 she is then stuck in the sorry welfare system til she dies.

Poor Julia's family had no idea supporting Obama or Socialism would make life so sad and hard for so many generations just as her parents didn't in 1963 with the 'Great society'. If only so many unsuspecting people had not bought into their lies and bullshit.

The End (It doesn't have to be, vote Obama out!)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

And one more thing: Obama's biggest bonus!

Obama winning election gives him two, count em, two Supreme Court seats to complete the Liberal dream of a 'breathing Constitution'. Up will become down, reason insanity.

With the power of a friendly SCOTUS Obama is free to circumvent Congress without fear of legal challenge by them. Even if GOP nearly sweeps Congress, there may still not be a large enough majority to complete the impeachment of Obama. Not to mention the GOP's historical reluctance to impeach a president.

The Supreme Court is the moral compass of our country. If it falls to radical leftist hands everything they ever imagined and Conservatives hate WILL come true. Issues, sexually, maritally & religiously stopped til now will become precedent then the norm, reversing 230 plus years of Christian influence.

I hope this gives you Patriots even more motivation than you already have to recruit the world to the Tea Party values that can restore a fallen or falling country. God bless! :)

Is this election greater than us?

What we Patriotic Americans do to win this election will steer our country for the next 100 years!

If we are complacent, self destruct or don't find ways to come together for the good of our country before November 6th elections, out of protest or some other stupid reason, this place this Constitutional America is over. We will be the U.S.S.A. or socialist Europe faster than you can imagine. Not long ago you never would have thought we'd be where we are now, would you?

Obama's socialist America will redistribute and distribute everything. Once government starts taking control they want complete control. Have you noticed how many more laws regulate your life in your lifetime? Obama has already made it a lot worse in just his 3 years, hasn't he? The individual is not important to socialists, your income heavily taxed and limited, are taken and used for ever growing government purposes. No matter whether you are a brilliant inventor or an indigent they see you the same, sharing your worth for the good of the many not the benefit of the one who earns it.

Constitutional America merits excellence. If you invent the next great whatever you are rewarded as you well should be. The great mind, the hardest worker, the best innovator becomes rich, successful and famous. The lazy, incompetent, or content survive with limited potential and limited income by and of their own accord.  

Survival of the fittest has always been the way of the world. Communism/Socialism is not the answer. Becoming rich and successful is every child's dream. No kid ever says I want to be poor on govt sponsored welfare my whole life. Everyone's success is theirs, you dictate how far you will go by your own diligence and a good bit of luck.

This election will set one of these two very divergent paths. If we vigilantly fight against Obama pointing out EVERY lie and failing, VOTE on November 5th and stay focused on the path WE envision for America, we will win Congress and president and start turning this ship about. It WILL take multiple elections to fix. If we don't, get prepared for a lot more of big brother government in your lives.

Lastly, NEVER forget this factor, Obama would get two Supreme Court picks and hence Liberal control of our highest court setting our moral compass for at least 20 years!

Is this election greater than us? HELL YES! Generations depend on us!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Neither a borrower nor a lender be:

I rent houses to a lot of people who collect a LOT of our tax money. I showed a duplex to a lady today that is well known as a druggie and a hell raiser. She gave me her application. When I added all her 'entitlements' she made $2000.00/mo! The house I was going to rent her, til I found out she was trouble, is only $395/mo here in NC. That is a lot of remaining expendable income that is our money we go to work for every day that she gets to spend as she desires.

I am qualified to complain about our fatally flawed social programs. I see and live it everyday and I get angry so that our system is irreparably broken and also sad that these people EXPECT this kind of money to sit on the couch watching Judge TV all day and then complain that they are on welfare.

My answer is we help people for a time while we train them to do a trade or something that will give them a good head start, then set them free. With the exception of the infirm there is no reason people can't get a job and stand on their own two damn feet and sink or swim!

There is nowhere in our Constitution that says half the people are supposed to support the other half. It is time to stop socialism from taking over our republic anymore. We MUST fix the abuse of our social programs and restore our great country where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is guaranteed. NOT contraception, abortion, houses, food, medical care, cell phones yada yada yada yada!

Our forefathers would laugh at us now! I personally believe live free or die!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Primary night in Florida: Amazingly contentious lie filled attack sprees from both the top candidates at each other. More from one(simply because of money) than the other. The other two candidates really aren't players in this state. Florida is unique in it's population, extremely diverse, more moderate and wealthier than most.

Mitt has this hands down, no doubt. Hell, half the state is transplanted Yankees. I'm a transplanted to NC Connecticut Yankee so bite me if you don't like me saying the truth! As you know, I have little love for the Mitt-ster, but as I've always said Obama is first priority and I'll vote for my Rotti if it got the socialist out of our White House. But I digress. Newt and Mitt may be hurting themselves in the long run with these brutal sustained attacks. Florida is point wise big for Mitt and MSM WILL say that others should leave, yada, yada, but I don't see anybody folding their cards yet.

It's looking more like it's going to be a brokered convention, no one is leaving any time soon it seems. Maybe it would be the best thing that could happen seeing there are four very differing men and voting groups. My thoughts are if Mitt can't get sustained 50% poll numbers there could possibly be a 'surprise' nominee at the convention, read Daniels(as chosen by the RNC) methinks. His 'Rebuttal' sounded more like an audition to me.

I, like many of you are fairly unsatisfied with our choices but realize Obama HAS to go. This makes three things come to mind; One, that many of us just don't want Mitt. Two, that we will fight like hell for the one we are backing. And three, I really get the feeling that if a better genuinely awesome candidate came along we would still consider changing our votes. Not you Paul guys of course. I know you'd never change your vote, I just pray that you support who he asks you to when it is Obama time.

Sorry I've not written in a while but my goodness it's not easy to leave Twitter and my Patriot friends. We get into such totally great discussions, and of course swatting liberal drones, that time gets away from me. I've got a post I'm working on about restructuring our government that makes a lot of sense and cuts half the budget. I just have to bug out on you guys to finish it so I can post it on here. Ha!

God bless you all and prod me to write more than 140 characters more often, PLEASE!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Hampshire Primary

In a nutshell, who cares?

I love the state of New Hampshire, I lived there. Beautiful place, nice people. I even shook president Ford's hand there when he was running in 75', but it shouldn't hold the political value it currently does.

I've been saying on Twitter that Iowa and New Hampshire are not representative of Conservative voters. We know Romney, probably his mini-me Huntsman and Ron Paul will do well there. Unless you are a big fan of those 3 gentlemen, it's disappointing. If you are a big fan of them, then of course rock on!

See what I'm saying?
Let's head south where the Bible belt kicks in, then let's see who's catching fire.
It's a more moderate(Rino) path the current system offers, I'd rather start in the south.

Happy New Hampshire primaries! :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Iowa - short form

For all the hype and bluster, Iowa means little. New Hampshire less. Media wants us to think if your guy doesn't do well in those two, pack it up.

This is not your typical election. There is no clear leader. The chosen one can't get traction if the people don't want him. Iowa is fun because it is the first one, like opening day, important but it's a long season.

I don't care who you support, support them loudly. BUT, don't make war with the same people we are going to count on to beat Obama, our primary mission.

Obama is and will be Job #1 until we defeat him! Who defeats him is still very fluid.

Happy Iowa night!