Friday, October 5, 2012

Obama's & the ghosts...the unemployment lie!

The great magic Obama is performing with these bogus jobs numbers is in the writing off in massive quantities of workers from the rolls. When you don't collect unemployment, you become a ghost. Well, I'm one of those ghosts, so I can tell you what life is like now.

I was in the DC metro area for many moons, made a good living in over 2 decades, lastly in finance. I saw the crash coming and hightailed it to NC. Sold my beloved house before values went to hell & poof I was gone. I found a decent job & enjoyed the first year here in NC. At this time I had to stop working for nearly a year with necessary back fusion. When I started looking at employment again the jobs were GONE. It didn't take long til I started seeing 20 y.o.'s doing my job for 1/2 to 1/3 of what I made, so that got me to looking outside the box at stuff a 50+ guy could do. I'm now a PART TIME landlord for over 50 houses & have a small computer repair company. I look at my new adventures in self employed businesses as fun, but I don't come close to making the money I used to. As I said to the govt, I am a ghost except for a tax return.

My point is MANY Men & Women have stories like mine. Former professionals doing whatever they need to do to survive in a VERY changed world. They too have discovered kids coming out of college will work for a lot less & as we know money trumps experience in a BAD economy.

We can restore our country in many ways, but it will take decades to fix this mess. It can't happen with Obama at the helm, he is destroying our economy and fudging numbers to hide his failures. Come together America, Elect Mitt Romney & save our country!

We may be ghosts, but we do VOTE and we do have VOICES!