Tuesday, September 13, 2016

This is the finest bit of acting Alan Alda ever did in M*A*S*H & a scene I've never forgotten, the Opposable thumb: 

Look at your hand. It’s one of the most incredible instruments in the universe.

Of all the bones in the body, one fourth are in the hand.
Forget the hand. Look at your thumb; that wondrous mechanism that separates us from the other animals.
The world-famous opposable thumb, that amazing device,that has transported more students to college than the Boston post road.  Ideal for sucking, especially as a baby, and lauded in song and story as the perfect instrument for pulling out a plum.

Or, in the case of the Caesars, for holding it down for the gladiator to die, or holding it up, which means "See you later at the orgy."  My friends, for getting up and down the pike, in your pie, in your eye, I give you the thumb.

Have you any idea, Farmer Brown, of the incredible complexity of this piece of human apparatus?
Of course not. Never having spent any time at Sol and Sol’s swilling borscht and jamming Latin into your brain while trying to imagine if Lefty the waitress is wearing a garter belt, you have no idea of the balletic interplay of parts that make up the human thumb.

The flexor ossis metacarpi pollicis flexes the metacarpal bone, that is, draws it inward over the palm, thus producing the movement of opposition. And the Boy Scout salute.  Because of this magical engineering, we could do this. And this. And this.
But our greatest triumph comes not from flexing the metacarpal bone and making a fist,
which always seems to be thirsting to be clenched…No, no, no, no, no.
Our greatest moment is when we open our hand:

Cradling a glass of wine, cupping a loved one’s chin.  And the best…  the most expert of all…
keeping all the objects of our life in the air at the same time. [begins to juggle] My friends, for your amusement and bemusement, I give you the human person. Thumb and fingers flexing madly, straining to keep aloft the leaden realities of life:  ignorance, death and madness.  Thus we create for ourselves the illusion that we have power,that we are in control, that we are… loved"

If you haven't seen it, seek it. It's brilliant.

I have nothing good to say about this election so that is my contribution to blogging.

God Bless you all! :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Circular firing squads or 1980 revisited?

Some thoughts as the 2016 elections begin:

In 1980 establishment Republicans hated Reagan & actively sought his defeat, 2016 is shaping up the same. The last few elections we've been so busy destroying each other the GOP's choice & frankly a RINO candidate has won nomination & the party consequently lost because the base couldn't support them and didn't...

So, do we do this with Cruz & Rand fans shooting at each other & killing both candidates chances before we begin or do we focus on getting a Conservative in the White House so America can be restored? I say the latter; I'll hammer establishment for being Democrat lite all day long but we can't hammer our own if we want to stem this Communist tide.

I believe with all my heart the time is right for the next Reaganesque President, especially against Obama's further left sister Hillary BUT we have to play big ball & not let establishment keep us in a circular firing squad this time. If not this may be our last chance & I surely don't say that lightly.

God Bless you all!

AaaaannnnddddD....Obama STILL Sucks!! ;)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

You're entitled? Seriously?

But you shouldn't be entitled!

In the course of showing rental properties to prospective low income tenants, I hear more & more the word 'disabled' from young to middle aged people who are far from disabled with highly dubious malady's that they don't show whatsoever & often can't get their stories straight. Frankly it's disgusting. They are commonly on foot & will walk miles to get to an appointment (If they show up at all). They don't feel bad about not working or trying to get work, to be frank they literally feel entitled to their $600-1000 checks & $120 in food stamps. 

Because I've got to get all these houses rented & they are my target market I stay quiet about their medical statuses & the illegality thereof & instead get their info & do my sales thing if they are legally allowed to (clarified) . I also rent to Section 8 welfare recipients who are often 2nd or 3rd generation who KNOW how the system works... & then there are the hard working blue collar people who I admire that are just trying to survive Obama's economy & teach their families a good work ethic. And then I come to the internet & Tweet as most of you see me, or much more rarely blog like I am now...

Hey, if someone is genuinely in need I feel really good about getting people a decent place to live at a livable price. And these folks generally care for the properties like their own as do the struggling employed people. BUT, the 'entitled' people don't pay their minuscule co payments & sadly more often than not leave a house in shambles. 

America is at a crossroads, we either go the path we're going & we will become one big slum like a socialist Europe or a South American country, OR we get our shit together like Americans always have & self responsibility will become our manta again & greatness prayerfully can be restored. Unfortunately many are still asleep to the slippery slope we'd slid down.

God Bless you all & God Bless America, & our world. :)

Aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddd...................Obama STILL SUCKS!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Things that need to be said.

Eleven score & seventeen years ago, our forefathers shared their cumulative knowledge & wrote an amazing document, second only to the Bible in it's foresight.

We are in the midst of no less than an attempted coup on our Constitution, Obama is circumventing it with a parallel government. He simply doesn't care about our rules of law, AT ALL.

Don't for a moment think Obama is some great dictator, he is an actor & a willing accessory in a grand play. He is bought & sold so many times I could write a book detailing it. Ultimately, the U.N. is the face of his intent, this 'We'd like to teach the world to sing', rah rah nonsense is a screen for world misery & a few with ultimate power. Those who can WILL support those who can't or won't. Sound familiar? Except we support ALL the won't's, world wide.

This is a world I can't imagine any productive country ever wanting. Keep up the good fight! Thanks as always for reading my rants & ramblings. ;)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Good for the goose, but not you!

The Democrat Party & it's 'messiah' Obama are hypocrites!

Redistribution of wealth: The lefts grand solution to 'equality', as long as it isn't theirs. These wealthy sheep believe Obama will miraculously not take all their money if they kiss his royal wannabe ass. Hollyweird I understand, they almost single-handedly support the field of psychiatry, but some of the worlds richest 'smartest' minds also support this self destructive Communist boondoggle? Highly illogical!

Gun Control: Beyond the obvious fact that these Liberals have armed bodyguards, Obama himself spoke of his enjoying skeet shooting. He's far from the only pro gun control lefty out there, many actors, etc. shoot as well. Take away their guns & bodyguards for a month & we'd hear them change their tunes in a hurry.

ObamaCare: This is so obvious, I'll simply ask how many of these hypocrites use our public health system?

Summarized: This is the Party of do as I say not as I do, the party of what's good for the goose is not good for the gander. Does this sound like an altruistic people when they seek their own power, own guns, own money & own healthcare but want we the people to be poor, govt controlled, gun controlled & be told by an uncaring bureaucratic healthcare panel whether your life has worth?

Now, if we can just get the duped dopes to see the TRUTH!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's not me, it's you!

Dear GOP,

I think we may need some time apart, we haven't been getting along & you won't listen to what's important to us.

I know nobody gets along on every issue, but our values are really important to us. For instance, if we don't have money to spend we live within our budgets, whereas you believe because you have checks left you can keep spending. We can't go on this way anymore.

A trial separation may be necessary so you can see how lonely you will be without us. I dare say you will be powerless to exist without our support. You may think you don't need us now but I believe you will be at a complete loss by 2014 if you don't make things right with us & you'll come crying back later.

If you have a change of heart it's time for some significant changes in our relationship, you can let us know by having your actions reflect what matters to us. Until then, we'll act like ex's & we'll talk about you like a dog as ex's do.

Most sincerely,

The Tea Party

Friday, October 5, 2012

Obama's & the ghosts...the unemployment lie!

The great magic Obama is performing with these bogus jobs numbers is in the writing off in massive quantities of workers from the rolls. When you don't collect unemployment, you become a ghost. Well, I'm one of those ghosts, so I can tell you what life is like now.

I was in the DC metro area for many moons, made a good living in over 2 decades, lastly in finance. I saw the crash coming and hightailed it to NC. Sold my beloved house before values went to hell & poof I was gone. I found a decent job & enjoyed the first year here in NC. At this time I had to stop working for nearly a year with necessary back fusion. When I started looking at employment again the jobs were GONE. It didn't take long til I started seeing 20 y.o.'s doing my job for 1/2 to 1/3 of what I made, so that got me to looking outside the box at stuff a 50+ guy could do. I'm now a PART TIME landlord for over 50 houses & have a small computer repair company. I look at my new adventures in self employed businesses as fun, but I don't come close to making the money I used to. As I said to the govt, I am a ghost except for a tax return.

My point is MANY Men & Women have stories like mine. Former professionals doing whatever they need to do to survive in a VERY changed world. They too have discovered kids coming out of college will work for a lot less & as we know money trumps experience in a BAD economy.

We can restore our country in many ways, but it will take decades to fix this mess. It can't happen with Obama at the helm, he is destroying our economy and fudging numbers to hide his failures. Come together America, Elect Mitt Romney & save our country!

We may be ghosts, but we do VOTE and we do have VOICES!