Thursday, September 4, 2014

You're entitled? Seriously?

But you shouldn't be entitled!

In the course of showing rental properties to prospective low income tenants, I hear more & more the word 'disabled' from young to middle aged people who are far from disabled with highly dubious malady's that they don't show whatsoever & often can't get their stories straight. Frankly it's disgusting. They are commonly on foot & will walk miles to get to an appointment (If they show up at all). They don't feel bad about not working or trying to get work, to be frank they literally feel entitled to their $600-1000 checks & $120 in food stamps. 

Because I've got to get all these houses rented & they are my target market I stay quiet about their medical statuses & the illegality thereof & instead get their info & do my sales thing if they are legally allowed to (clarified) . I also rent to Section 8 welfare recipients who are often 2nd or 3rd generation who KNOW how the system works... & then there are the hard working blue collar people who I admire that are just trying to survive Obama's economy & teach their families a good work ethic. And then I come to the internet & Tweet as most of you see me, or much more rarely blog like I am now...

Hey, if someone is genuinely in need I feel really good about getting people a decent place to live at a livable price. And these folks generally care for the properties like their own as do the struggling employed people. BUT, the 'entitled' people don't pay their minuscule co payments & sadly more often than not leave a house in shambles. 

America is at a crossroads, we either go the path we're going & we will become one big slum like a socialist Europe or a South American country, OR we get our shit together like Americans always have & self responsibility will become our manta again & greatness prayerfully can be restored. Unfortunately many are still asleep to the slippery slope we'd slid down.

God Bless you all & God Bless America, & our world. :)

Aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddd...................Obama STILL SUCKS!


  1. Nicely said my friend!

  2. I share your heart for our country. Storming the heavens for Americans to get educated, for God to revive us and our homeland!


  3. There's a cold war right here in our land against our beliefs. Those muzzies have managed to get Christmas taken off the calender in Maryland. I hate those ppl since 911 and I wish they would go back to the sand dunes in the middle east where they belong....not here on the obamass welfare - they learned to scam the system since they got here! Keep up the good work!

  4. Couldn't agree any more. Great minds think alike, Chuck. I just spoke about this myself on my blog. Tell me what you think:

    -Frustrated (AKA - Jay)

  5. Did you ask them what their disabilities are? Many disabilities are invisible.

  6. Remember when you thought Sandy Hook was Obama's fault? Remember when you thought Benghazi and Libyua were two different things? Remember when you thought the Associated Press was a scandal? Remember when you thought coal was a scandal? Remember when someone pointed this shit out to you, and you couldn't handle the truth?

    Kill yourself, Chuck, you tinfoil hat wearing mother fucker. You're hurting America.

  7. So you're quite a patriot - willing to keep your mouth shut about what you assume are illegal activities so that you can collect pass-through money from the government that you seem to hate so much. Classy. Real classy.

    1. Common among the Teabillies.

    2. I received a tweet suggesting I check out your Twitter Feed and as I was doing that decided to click on to your blog site. We definitely differ in our viewpoints HOWEVER the reason I am leaving a comment is not because of our difference of opinion's but because of the comment left by 'ANONYMOUS Feb 16/15', which couldn't have been more 'Cowardly, Infantile and un-Christian' to say the least.

      Even though your much further 'right-leaning' then I am (which I guess you would consider me a Liberal more then anything) I do hope you don't feel ALL people on the 'left-leaning' side of the debate are as 'crass and ignorant' as that person is. For that reason for me to remain silent and not say anything I feel I would be condoning their comment, which I most heartily do not. I might not agree with you Chuck, BUT I do strongly believe and uphold your right to speak your opinion's without being insulted in such a way as they did.

    3. Chucky you're an asshole

  8. "...Americans always have & self responsibility will become our manta again..." Hey UpChuck read this ya f'n moron. Manta What a dumb ass pinata boy.