Saturday, April 21, 2012

And one more thing: Obama's biggest bonus!

Obama winning election gives him two, count em, two Supreme Court seats to complete the Liberal dream of a 'breathing Constitution'. Up will become down, reason insanity.

With the power of a friendly SCOTUS Obama is free to circumvent Congress without fear of legal challenge by them. Even if GOP nearly sweeps Congress, there may still not be a large enough majority to complete the impeachment of Obama. Not to mention the GOP's historical reluctance to impeach a president.

The Supreme Court is the moral compass of our country. If it falls to radical leftist hands everything they ever imagined and Conservatives hate WILL come true. Issues, sexually, maritally & religiously stopped til now will become precedent then the norm, reversing 230 plus years of Christian influence.

I hope this gives you Patriots even more motivation than you already have to recruit the world to the Tea Party values that can restore a fallen or falling country. God bless! :)


  1. What you say is true.But as a Christian I also watch for signs as we all do.Ive watched this farce stumble through Popular Christian Quotes and weave them into his speeches until Im sick. Can you just imagine what Jesus is thinking? Is he smiling while he watches to see if we are paying attention?
    Whats saddest"Jesus Christ Died For This"?

    1. The Bible warns of false prophets etc. He knows all old and future in every detail, all of this is our destiny. He will come in judgement, not peace. :)

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