Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The day after Wisconsin:

Yesterday was a big day for the Tea Party. After being called everything but patriotic Americans for the last two years, Wisconsin Patriots made a huge statement that undoubtedly has Democrats crapping themselves today.

We were no fluke in 2010 & despite MSM's insistence that the Tea Party was dead & gone, thanks to a stunning defeat, they now know better.

Accusations of cheating, spending out of state money & lots of it are flying around like Obama's drones today. The truth is Liberals were beaten at their own game & they have no idea where to go from here or how to spin it.

Momentum is a beautiful thing and WE HAVE IT! Keep it going till the main event in November when we defeat the Marxist in chief & take our Republic back. I'll post another blog soon.

Patriots ROCK & Obama sucks! Life is good! :)


  1. True Chuck! Keep up the momentum by supporting your candidates in any way possible. Let's take back our American way and lives.
    Todd Davis

  2. Except your not a patriot, if you were... You would lie to people like you do.