Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Hampshire Primary

In a nutshell, who cares?

I love the state of New Hampshire, I lived there. Beautiful place, nice people. I even shook president Ford's hand there when he was running in 75', but it shouldn't hold the political value it currently does.

I've been saying on Twitter that Iowa and New Hampshire are not representative of Conservative voters. We know Romney, probably his mini-me Huntsman and Ron Paul will do well there. Unless you are a big fan of those 3 gentlemen, it's disappointing. If you are a big fan of them, then of course rock on!

See what I'm saying?
Let's head south where the Bible belt kicks in, then let's see who's catching fire.
It's a more moderate(Rino) path the current system offers, I'd rather start in the south.

Happy New Hampshire primaries! :)

1 comment:

  1. I think people care about Iowa and NH because it is not as staunchly conservative and therefore more indicative of the broader electorate. So if they can win those first two then they are "more electable."
    I agree with you though, in fact I think it is going to be a long race even if Romney wins NH. The only thing though is that people might be getting a little GOP fatigue and ready to just pull the lever for Romney and move on to the really battle.