Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Iowa - short form

For all the hype and bluster, Iowa means little. New Hampshire less. Media wants us to think if your guy doesn't do well in those two, pack it up.

This is not your typical election. There is no clear leader. The chosen one can't get traction if the people don't want him. Iowa is fun because it is the first one, like opening day, important but it's a long season.

I don't care who you support, support them loudly. BUT, don't make war with the same people we are going to count on to beat Obama, our primary mission.

Obama is and will be Job #1 until we defeat him! Who defeats him is still very fluid.

Happy Iowa night!

1 comment:

  1. Who comes closest to defeating Obama in polls that include democrats/independents which are more representative of total population instead of feeding into the two party system and the mainstream media that supports keeping our people divided by collective group think instead of focusing on the foundational principle of individual rights? You know its Ron Paul. Honestly, Romney's a mormon white Obamaclone, Santorum is not as squeaky clean as he makes himself to be with anti-2nd amendment views, Gingrich isn't a conservative at all. Funny thing is that media is making it into Romney v Santorum, but delegates wise, Romney/Paul/Santorum are tied.