Monday, December 26, 2011

Obama is beating himself, let's stop helping them!

Between inept GOP Congressmen falling for Democrat tax traps and Patriots forgetting the game is Obama not each other, threatening to either sit out 2012 election or vote for a 3rd party, we will ABSOLUTELY get Obama re-elected and give us 4 more years of his socialist undermining of the country.

Even if the GOP controls Congress, Obama will use executive orders to destroy the Constitution giving it away one piece at a time to the United Nations. Agenda 21 was just the beginning of many he will write, dismantling our liberties one at a time to create his and his mentor Brzezinski's world government. Worse, Congress couldn't stop it.


Once the primaries are over we MUST get behind the winning GOP candidate for the sake of our republic, love them or not.

Obama will beat himself if we stop helping. Please, let's stop helping their anti-American agenda!

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