Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nature is a bitch. Figuratively and Comically.

The nature of a conservative is to be kind to people, giving them the benefit of the doubt, prima facie. Liberals have no such issues. They seek every angle to gain an advantage. Consequently we've been walked over by these Cretans and called dumb. Far from the truth, but because we rarely speak up for ourselves the 'intelligentsia' perpetuate this crap. Not from me, never. I've watched for years bitched loudly and told everybody I could, but I and we need to do it a lot more TOGETHER. So, stop complaining and start yelling. Remember, bully's back down when they are confronted.

Comically speaking, nature IS a bitch! If you plan a picnic, you can usually count on rain. Snowstorms that come out of nowhere and strand you at the inlaws or an airport. Hurricanes when you go on vacation. I'm joking but you get the idea, I'll quit my bitching. HA!

Christmas is coming Patriot friends. We'll all be seeing and talking to a lot of people. Think of all those opportunities to change hearts and minds. If we don't do it, who will? Somebody need to teach them how bad Obama and his socialist agenda really are! Be gentle though and try to get them on a full stomach so they can't run away!

Talk soon friends. God bless you and our beloved country!
Chuck :D


  1. Very true, Chuck. Considering what happened in the 2008 election, it should be very apparent that if we do not find a way to come together as "Obama opponents, regardless of our different views on "who is the best conservative", et al, -- it will happen again. The gravity of the situation at hand cannot be understated. If Obama is given four more years, we may never see our good old country as it was intended ever again. Thanks for your continued effort to keep us informed and yelling. Your friend, George Hatt

  2. I am in total agreement. We need to come together and focus. Continue to hammer at those in DC causing these issues. Obama, Reid of NV, Pelosi, Kerry just to name a few; these folks need to retire or be retired. I fear for our country and our children's future. Keep up the good fight!!


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