Sunday, December 11, 2011

Welcome to my blog, Patriot friends!

I'm Chuck Nellis. Hopefully we already know each other from @chucknellis on Twitter.
I am a pro Capitalism, Tea Party Hobbit Patriot. Part Conservative, part Libertarian. I Served in the US Navy. 
Obama needs to be voted out or preferably impeached! Liberals, I don't take crap!

Warning to liberals: I am going to piss you off, get in your face and smile doing it. Obama is destroying our country and I am here to help get him out of office and preferably in prison with the rest of the socialists attempting to subvert our Constitution!

Having more than 140 characters is going to take a little getting used to!

1 comment:

  1. Ah, there you are Hobbit. I am certainly looking forward to you having more than 140 characters. Should make for a good laugh, better discussion, and never a happy ending. That is the part you like best, I think, no place for happy endings. I love the "impeach" or "prison" parts, lol you do make me cackle and snort. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on the world. Hey, you took that from the movie - The World According to Garp - PERFECT choice I might add. Entertain me, hurry please. I need more.